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“I recognize that it is

the people and their commitment to serve Hingham that make it special. My children have matured. I find I have the time and the desire to give back to the town that has given so much to me and

my family over the years,

and to set the example for the next generation.”

- Laura


LAURA ENGLISH MARWILL grew up in Hingham and graduated from Hingham High School. A graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a B.A. in Spanish, she went on to become VP of Fixed Income Sales while at BankBoston in the Capital Markets Group. 

Together with her husband, Roger, Laura returned to Hingham where they raised their three children, Joe, Evan and Sam. She developed a tremendous sense of volunteerism and civic engagement, especially a deep appreciation for Hingham’s form of self-government. 

Laura is proud to have served Hingham and its civic organizations for many years, including as a poll worker and warden at four recent elections. She served Linden Ponds as a poll worker during the Presidential primary, and then as a warden at Hingham High School during the spring town elections. She was a warden again at HHS during the Massachusetts state primary and served as warden at Hingham Middle School during the 2020 Presidential election in November.

An appointee to the Advisory Committee during the difficult years following the 2008 financial crisis, Laura later served on the Planning Board’s Accessory Dwelling Unit Study Committee. She has been a member of the League of Women Voters, served as Treasurer of the Bradley Park Association, Chair of the Hingham Republican Town Committee, and is a new member of the Lion’s Club’s volunteer initiative, “Hingham Harborworks,” to restore Hingham’s Fourth of July fireworks.

Given her years of service and experience, Laura's management skills and personal qualities will deliver timely, efficient, diligent and friendly execution of the Town Clerk’s duties without interruption, and continue to build on the accomplishments of this office. 

A Town Clerk must be dedicated to the community, informative, patient, cheerful and compassionate, possess the ability to listen and advise, be receptive to new ideas, and able to maintain a sense of humor while performing duties in a professional manner.

A Town Clerk is generally considered the center of local government; this office conveys a lasting impression of the community to all who enter.

Roles & Responsibilities



A Town Clerk must be dedicated to the community, informative, patient, cheerful, compassionate, possess the ability to listen and advise, be receptive to new ideas, and able to maintain a sense of humor while performing duties in a professional manner.


A Town Clerk is generally considered the center of local government; this office conveys a lasting impression of the community to all who enter.

A Town Clerk is non-partisan.




Hingham 2016 Citizen of the Year


Member, Hingham Cultural Council

I enthusiastically support Laura Marwill for Town Clerk.  Her dedication to Hingham and her warm smile and friendly personality makes her the perfect candidate.


Eileen McCracken will be a hard act to follow, but Laura is the right person for the job.  She is organized, professional, patient, and considerate, and she is a good listener.  During our time together on the Advisory Committee, I observed her to be a team player who always had the best interests of the Town at heart.  Vote Laura for Town Clerk!


TOM Hall

Former Hingham Town Clerk, 1986-1997

My choice for Town Clerk is Laura Marwill. She has lived in Hingham all her life, has a good working knowledge of the Town, served on the Advisory Board and is a frequent speaker at Town Meetings. Soon to be an empty nester, she has the time to fill a full time job such as the Town Clerk and also has a  very pleasant personality which is important in a job which requires much interaction with people both in and outside Hingham.

Lucy Hancock

Board Chair, Hingham Public Library Trustees
Former Chair, Hingham Advisory Committee

John Cafferty.JPG

john cafferty

Former Chair, Hingham Planning Board
Former Chair, Hingham Housing Authority
Former Massachusetts State Committeeman

I've known Laura and her family for many years. She is dedicated to Hingham and will make a wonderful Town Clerk!


Mark Cullings

President, Hingham Farmers Market

Former Chair, Hingham School Committee
Co-Founder, Hingham Education Foundation (HEF) and Hingham Sports Partnership (HSP)

I've known Laura and the English family for many years. She's well qualified for being our next Town Clerk, and has done her homework.  There is no better training ground for learning how Hingham's government works that serving on the Advisory Committee. Laura served two terms. Furthermore, I witnessed her commitment and attention to detail during our work together on a committee that paved the way for an important new zoning bylaw. 

Laura is committed to continuing the fine work and  traditions of the previous Town Clerks and is the is the best person for the job.


George Alexakos

Former Chair, Hingham Audit Committee

I have had the pleasure to work with Eileen McCraken and the Town Clerk's office for almost 20 years volunteering to work at our local, state and national elections and I know Laura will be a perfect successor to Eilieen.  I have also had the pleasure of knowing Laura for many years, including the years I served on the Hingham Audit Committee and Laura was on the Hingham Advisory Board.  Laura has consistently demonstrated a level of integrity, intelligence, and initiative that will serve the town well as our Town Clerk.  My family and I look forward to continuing to volunteer and supporting the Town Clerk's office under Laura's leadership.


SCott C. Ford

I have known Laura for 35 years and have always respected her integrity and long-standing committment to serving our Town in so many ways.



Hingham 2016 Citizen of the Year

I believe Laura is the perfect candidate for the position of Town Clerk. She grew up in Hingham, graduated from Hingham High, Holy Cross and worked at BankBoston in financial sales. Combined with the volunteer work she did for various government and community groups she has a good blend of people skills. Add to that her professional skills and the office of Town Clerk will continue to be run efficiently. I cannot imagine a better fit.



Laura Marwill has my full support for Town Clerk. Eileen has been wonderful and I think Laura will be the perfect successor!  



Laura is intelligent and organized, and dedicated to whatever effort she puts her mind to. She is unflappable, and she was a pleasure to work with on Advisory Committee and other town organizations on which we were fellow members. As a life-long resident of Hingham, and a member of a family that has always valued service to the town, I know she has the best interests of Hingham at heart, and she will make a great Town Clerk.


Former Chair, Hingham Board of Selectmen

I'm glad Laura has stepped forward to run for Town Clerk.  What impressed my wife, Susan, and I was Laura's research on the duties of Town Clerk and her history of enthusiastic leadership. I can think of no one better to follow in Eileen's footsteps as Hingham's next Town Clerk.


Sara Abbott

Laura is THE qualified candidate to be our Town Clerk, given her work as a Warden during Hingham's recent local, state & national elections - something no other candidate has experience doing. This coupled with her multi-dimensional civic experience and professional background demonstrates her commitment to this important role in our town government. The Town Clerk's Office is often the first point of contact for new and existing residents, and I know of no better candidate to be the face of Hingham than Laura English Marwill.






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