The Right person for the job.

Congratulations, Hingham, on electing a new Town Clerk to fill the role so expertly and efficiently run for 24 years by Eileen McCracken. I spoke with Carol Falvey after the election to congratulate her and wish her well as she carries on the important work of this office.

I’d like to thank my supporters, donors and everyone involved with #TeamMarwill for joining me on this campaign. We ran it with integrity and civility, and I’m truly touched by all who offered their time, resources and encouragement.

Most of all, I’d like to thank my family for their love and support. I know it’s not always easy for the family of a candidate yet they were a constant source of strength for me.

To the citizens of Hingham, thank you for exercising your right and privilege to vote. I will always remain dedicated to this wonderful town we call home.